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    SailPoint IDM Tutorial


Course Description:

SailPoint Identity Management is a comprehensive solution for managing digital identities. It provides a centralized platform for managing user identities, access control, and identity governance. SailPoint Identity Management enables organizations to securely and efficiently manage their digital identities while improving compliance with regulatory requirements.

SailPoint Identity Management is an excellent product for managing identities and access within an organization. It provides a complete solution for managing user identities, entitlements, and access across multiple systems and applications. It is easy to use and deploy and has a wide range of features to meet the needs of any organization.

SailPoint Identity Management is enterprise identity management software that provides a single platform for managing digital identities, access privileges, and compliance across an organization. It offers a unified approach to identity and access management (IAM) that helps organizations meet evolving security and compliance requirements while improving business efficiency and reducing costs.

There are several reasons that may contribute to the need for SailPoint Identity Management within an organization. Some of the more common reasons include the following:

– To comply with industry or government regulations

– To improve security

– To increase efficiency

– To reduce costs.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to IIQ, IAM and IDM
  • Installation of SailPoint and Virtual Machine
  • SailPoint Interface Overview
  • Lifecycle Manager Installation
  • Forms in SailPoint
  • What are Tasks in SailPoint?
  • What is Role Management
  • Define Policies
  • Manage Work Items
  • IdentityIQ Console
  • IIQRest Services.

    Frequently Asked Question

What is IDM in SailPoint?

In SailPoint, IDM is an acronym for Identity Management.

It is a software application that helps organizations to manage digital identities of employees, customers, and partners. By managing these identities, IT can better control access to corporate resources and data.

Additionally, SailPoint IDM can help to automate provisioning and de-provisioning processes, as well as password management.

What is SailPoint Training?

SailPoint training is a form of online education that helps individuals learn how to use and operate the SailPoint software application.
This type of training can be beneficial for those who want to use the software for their business or personal needs.

What are Prerequisites for SailPoint Training?

There are no specific prerequisites for taking SailPoint training, but it would be beneficial if individuals have some experience with networking & security.

What is the Difference between IDM and IAM?

IAM (Identity and Access Management) is a system that manages user identities, permissions, and access to resources.
IDM (Identity Management) is a system that manages the lifecycle of user identities, including the creation, modification, and deletion of user accounts.

What is SailPoint used for?

SailPoint is used for identity management and access management.
It helps organizations to manage user identities, control access to applications and data, and compliance.

How many types of Certification are there in SailPoint?

There are four types of certifications in SailPoint:
⇒ Developer
⇒ Implementation Specialist
⇒ IdentityIQ Certified Administrator
⇒ IdentityIQ Certified Consultant.